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Security Services

Security of the operations, assets and personnel of corporations is the concern of Emerald’s Corporate Security Services Division. Services for the workplace include:

Assessment of vulnerabilities to intruders and criminal activity / Violence in the workplace prevention programs / Development and implementation of access controls and intrusion prevention systems / State-of-the-art electronic surveillance installations and technical operations / Electronic eavesdropping countermeasures.

Emerald also offers services for the protection of products and proprietary information, including:

Emerald is the ideal security partner for major corporations worldwide. We stand ready to respond quickly and efficiently wherever and whenever we’re needed

Competitive intelligence countermeasures / Product counterfeiting and copyright and trademark infringement investigations / Intellectual property protection and anti-piracy programs / Product tampering and diversion investigations.

Recognising that the greatest need may arise in time of threat or crisis, Emerald offers a series of services designed to prevent or assist in the management of critical incidents.

These include:

Policy planning and development Critical incident management Domestic and international law enforcement liaison Crisis management and disaster recovery planning Media relations and crisis communications.

Examples of successful experiences in providing these services include cases in which Emerald:

Conducted an international copyright and trademark investigation on behalf of a multinational corporation whose products were being “pirated” in foreign countries. Successfully identified and obtained evidence of the criminal and civil culpability of the counterfeiters.

Developed in-depth background information on the chief financial officer of a corporation which revealed gross fabrications of critical personal and work history details, resulting in the individual’s dismissal by the firm.

Discovered several prior sexual harassment victims of the candidate for the chief executive officer position at a large corporation during a routine background investigation of the candidate. Obtained the cooperation of these victims, none of whom had previously reported the harassment incidents.

Investigated allegations of embezzlement at a national membership organization. Working with senior officials of the organization, subsequently obtained the confession of an accounts receivable manager who had been embezzling thousands of dollars from incoming client and member payments.

After successfully resolving a potentially violent senior employee termination for a major firm in the healthcare field, advised the firm’s CEO on public statements and coordinated media coverage for the duration of the incident.

Emerald consultants have successfully resolved several violence in the workplace incidents for major corporations without injury to any participants or damage to company facilities and property. Thereafter, we consulted with the victim companies on implementing early identification programs designed to prevent future problems of this type. To date, none of these firms have had a recurrence of this type of activity.

  • About Emerald Group

    The Emerald Group is an international security management firm providing a full range of investigative and security consulting services to corporations, institutions and individuals.
    The Company’s exclusive international network of former FBI Agents, Scotland Yard detectives and similar law enforcement officials and security experts provides global services to a wide and growing range of clients. Most Emerald Group associates are former high level executives of their respective agencies who enjoy close working relationships with their counterparts throughout North and South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

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