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Risk Managment

In the Risk Management Division, The Emerald Group’s personal security experts routinely design customised executive and celebrity security programs and systems in each of the following areas:

Threat assessment and risk analysis / Security planning and protection program development / Residential, workplace and travel security / Hostage negotiations, kidnapping and extortion contingency planning and management / Celebrity stalking situations / Domestic and international law enforcement liaison / Crisis management and media relations / Counter-terrorism intelligence monitoring and briefings / Special event personal security requirements.
Examples of successes in providing these services include cases in which Emerald:

We’re experts in the prudent assessment of risk from criminal activity, and we have helped clients prevent problems from occurring as often as we solve them.

Advised and represented the family of a wealthy foreign businessman who had been kidnapped and a $10 million ransom demanded. The victim was released unharmed within 48 hours.

Provided threat analysis and security enhancement procedures to celebrity stalking victims. Provided psychological profiles of the stalkers to the celebrity victims.

Provided psychological profiles of the stalkers to the celebrity victims.

Implemented high-security executive protection programs for the senior executives of major international corporations.

Relocated and provided a customized, around-the-clock security program for a senior corporate executive and his entire family following threats from organised crime figures.

Provided threat assessment to an officer of a major corporation who had received communications from a former employee threatening financial harm out of vengeance for perceived workplace injury.

Using our document examination experts, scientifically determined that a disputed contract was in reality an artfully crafted “cut and paste” document which had been electronically reproduced and offered as evidence in a civil litigation.

Conducted an extensive internal investigation of a large public company under the direction of its board of directors into allegations of fraudulent entries in its books and records. The investigation produced evidence that grossly inflated profits had been reported for several years. As a result, the company president, vice president of marketing, financial manager, and several other employees involved in the scheme were terminated.

Assisted an international firm in developing procedures to detect potential money laundering transactions.

Combining the highest ethical standards with an unparalleled degree of professionalism, discretion and confidentiality, The Emerald Group is regularly retained by major law firms, multinational corporations, international financial institutions, and government agencies. We conduct complex international fraud investigations, background and due diligence inquiries, sophisticated security and threat analysis surveys, customised security planning, crisis management, sensitive undercover operations, and international law enforcement liaison, as well as identifying and locating illegally-concealed assets.

  • About Emerald Group

    The Emerald Group is an international security management firm providing a full range of investigative and security consulting services to corporations, institutions and individuals.
    The Company’s exclusive international network of former FBI Agents, Scotland Yard detectives and similar law enforcement officials and security experts provides global services to a wide and growing range of clients. Most Emerald Group associates are former high level executives of their respective agencies who enjoy close working relationships with their counterparts throughout North and South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

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